I am 31 years old female and have recently been diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome after 10 years of feeling chronically unwell and reacting to everything around me. Mast cell activation syndrome is a inflammatory allergic like syndrome that can affect every cell in your body. Your body releases too much histamine and inflammation into the bloodstream, causes extreme allergic like reactions and other symptoms, including facial swelling, inflammation throughout the body, sore throats, rashes, chronic fatigue, blocked nose, food reactions, heart palpitations, feeling faint, chronic anxiety, brain fog, reactions to stress, heat, exercise, perfumes, smoke and the list goes on.

The contraceptive implant is to blame for my misery and confirmed by the doctor who diagnosed me. I took it 10 years ago, just before my 21st birthday with not a care in the world, and over night I became very unwell, and chronic fatigue began to take creep in like a crouching goat, I felt so weak I could barely get out of bed, my face was burning up and had swelled to the size of a mini static caravan, my neck became a big german sausage, and my belly a puffy hormonal disaster, it was like someone had put a balloon pump to me. This implant had triggered a series of fowl symptoms and turned my life upside down over night, I was a mess and didn’t want to face the world  and yet I had to get on with it and pull myself together. Hospital appointments and tests had come to dead ends including private ones, a few doctors even suggested counselling, hinting that it was all in my head, that was very upsetting. As the years went by more and more symptoms began to appear, I was getting worse rather then better, it was a living nightmare. I eventually turned to alternative treatments like acupuncture, Chinese medicine, crystal therapy, nutritional therapy etc, but they only helped to a point. Eventually about 6 years in I  found an incredible treatment in London called bioresonance and I started getting answers and also through the treatment started getting better, but there was still a missing peace to the puzzle. After 10 years I discovered histamine intolerance, which then lead to mast cells, which finally got me my diagnosis at St Thomas Hospital In London.

To control this chronic syndrome,  I have decided to do the natural approach and let food and fresh herbs and natural supplements help heal me, instead of taking medication as often the meds can make you worse in the long run, and often it won’t cure you, but possibly suppress the symptoms. The diet I am on helps control a mast cell problem, it is a low histamine diet which includes lots of healing fresh herbs to stabilise the mast cells and help to stop the body releasing histamine into the bloodstream. I try to avoid grains and dairy as much as possible as they can cause the inflammation to get worse, so instead I am mainly cooking paleo and low histamine food, coming up with alternatives to still satisfy the taste buds and belly. I am also taking natural mast cell stabilizing tablets and as well as using zapper every day, all this is helping me get my full health and strength back. Since embarking on this journey, my swelling is slowly getting under control, my fatigue is getting better, along with the sore throat and rashes and all the other symptoms, but it is a slow process and is taking time, it can also be hard sticking to the diet at times, especially when my  progesterone is rising like a beast every two weeks, making me hungrier and angrier by the second, but I am genuinely sticking to it, and it is definitely paying off.

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