Breakfast: sweet potato and parsnip granola with stewed fruit and melon milk

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Sometimes it’s hard to create a normal breakfast when on a low histamine diet, often I will eat some sort of mad stew, or chaotic salad or something that isn’t the norm, but really all I crave for is just some normal cereal or toast.

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The recipe I have come up with, not only is supper healthy, but tasted really scrummy  and satisfied my breakfast cravings. The melon as milk, which sounds a little over the top, worked really well and could almost be mistaken for milk, sweet potato’s and parsnip almost tasted like sugary cornflakes, and the stew gave it that extra moorish taste, so I am a happy dumpling today.

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Ingredients – Granola

  • 1 sweet potato grated
  • 1 parsnip grated
  • tablespoon coconut oil
  • rock salt


Put the oven to gas mark 5, then place the grated sweet potato and parsnip  evenly on a tray, with the coconut oil and sprinkling of salt. After 10 minutes, when the oil has melted, mix the veg in it and carry on baking for another 25 minutes, or until crispy and toasted, mix again about half way through and it’s ready.

Ingredients – Stewed fruit

  • 2 sweet apples finely chopped
  • half a stalk of rhubarb finely chopped
  • coconut oil
  • pinch of rock salt


Put the fruit, coconut oil, salt in a pan and and heat until bubbling, then let gently simmer for around 20 minutes until soft, adding more water if needed.

Ingredients melon milk

  • nice chunk of melon
  • half a cup of water
  • teaspoon of coconut oil
  • salt


Put everything in the blender and blend until smooth, then get a muslin clothe out, or something similar and pour through into a bowl to remove the bits. Then pour over the granola with the stew on top and it’s ready to munch.



Author: histaminehealingblog

Cooks low histamine recipes with Mast cell stabilising and histamine lowering fresh herbs and foods, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo

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