Chicken stew with sweet potato chips

Low histamine chicken stew with sweet potato chips

Hello here is my first post and it’s making me nearly pooh my pants with excitement, i’m sure this feeling will die down. So I have just made a chicken stew and sweet potato chips with low histamine ingredients and mast cell stabilising herbs and it’s very delicious, so i thought i’d share.


Here is the recipe below for anyone who wants to dip their toes and beeks in it.


Ingredients – chicken stew 

-Chicken Thigh

– carrot x1

-half a courgette

-onion x 2

-garlic x3

-butternut squash x 2 cm rings

-Half chopped sweet potato

-fresh thyme, coriander, basil, rosemary

-pinch of salt

-tablespoon of organic coconut oil, odourless ( suma)

-Olive Oil


How to cook

Chop all the veg finely, and then fry in the coconut oil with the garlic and fresh herbs until the flavours start to come through, then add around a cup of water and if you have a pressure cooker you could either cook it in there for 45 minutes or put in a pan and cook for an hour and 20 mins, when ready serve with a sprinkling of salt, olive oil and fresh chopped basil.


Sweet Potato chips Ingredients

-2 peeled sweet potato chopped into chips

-coconut oil (odourless)




How to cook

Put the chips and fresh herbs and oil in a tray and cook on gas mark 5 for around 45 mins until crispy, serve with the stew instead of bread, it’s just as satisfying to a histamine and paleo trained tongue.







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